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Our quality products, prompt delivery, and competitive pricing give our customers the advantage,also the foundation stone for opening the market.The company dedicate its innovation of service and product to gain us much praise from the customers.In the market of European and America and Asia, we develop the new product and new service closing our customer to satisfy the customers.We also have the ISO 9001 Certificate (TUV), and push the 5S managing systems, to realize "quality stability, technique innovation, keep improving customers' satisfaction and feedback to our customer after independent".

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Excellent product quality

Our product quality, price and fast logistics and transportation are the cornerstone of bringing convenience to customers and expanding the market. The company has always been committed to earning its reputation through service and product innovation.

​Reliable partner

In the European, America and Asian markets, we continue to introduce new products and services that are close to customers to meet customer needs. The company has obtained ISO 9001 (TUV certification) and implemented 5S management.


We have got a high reputation in both domestic and overseas markets.

Product Advantages
  • Product Advantages
    The persistent spirit of Yuxin people's pursuit of perfection remains unchanged. Yuxin people are making "Yuxin" an impeccable quality in the world through fruitful efforts with partners.
  • Credit Standing
    Standing on the grounds of Zhang Dengzhan, a Chinese private enterprise, Yuxin people know the importance of enterprise-class trustworthiness, and they pay more attention to the construction of enterprise culture when they start the company's production.
  • Sophisticated Equipment
    Advanced automation equipment and sophisticated production lines reflect Yuxin's scientific and technological strength, and the standardized management system guarantees Yuxin's product quality.
  • Partner
    Sincere cooperation and common belief have created Yuxin's "customer-centric theory", customers have established long-term cooperative relations with us and exerted their respective advantages.

Our Commitment

Tripod represents affirmation to the past and also represents spur and encouragement to the future. Standing upright of the two tripods shows credit standing. On the platform of development of Chinese individually-run enterprises, Yuxin people know deeply the importance of enterprise credit; we put more emphasis on the establishment of enterprise culture, at the same time we are engaged in the production development of enterprise. Hands are building atmosphere of credibility in the enterprise. Yuxin people know very well that on the road of Chinese hardware industry must shoulder heavy responsibilities, but Yuxin people convict: Creditable Yuxin will certainly soar to great heights in the future great undertaking.