Heavy Duty Shield Anchor Two Pcs

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Heavy Duty Shield Anchor Two Pcs

Heavy Duty Shield Anchor Two Pcs

Product Description:
Steel 2 segments shield anchor for heavy-duty fixings available with various accessories and yellow zinc/zincplated passivated. The thread in the cone is protected from dust and impurity by a plastic plug. A plastic bush is fitted at the entryend to assist in the alignment of the item being fixed.

Installation Guideline:

Product Specifications:

311A:Shield anchor 2pcs body only
ltemNO.311A Size(mm) Anchor
DrilDia. Min.Hole
M6 45 12 50
M8 50 14 55
M10 60 16 65
M12 75 20 85
M16 95 24 110
 Shield Anchor 2 Pcs With Hex Bolt/C-Hook/Eye Hook
ltem NO:331B/311D/311E Size (mm) AnchorLength Drill Dia. SettingTorque
M6 45 12 10
M8 50 14 25
M10 60 16 40
M12 75 20 75
M16 95 24 180

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