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Sleeve Anchors

Sleeve Anchors

Product Description:
Application: Ideal for fixing heavy loads in solid materials.
Features: Preassembled for faster, easier installation, can be installed through object to be fastened sleeve design improves holding power, no pre-spotting of holes necessary.
Material: Zinc plated steel.

Installation Guideline:

a) Drill through the object to be anchored and cleanthe hole b) lInsert the anchoring element c)Tighten suitably d)Anchoring completed.

Product Specifications:

201BM : Sleeve anchor hex bolt type
Head Type Anchor size
DrillΦ Max Fixture
Thickness (mm)
Pull Out
201BM Hex Bolt M6×45 8 2 800
M6×60 8 15
M6×45 9 2
M6×60 9 15
M8×60 10 5 1200
M8×80 10 15
M8×60 11 5
M8×80 11 15
M10×70 12 2 1700
M10×100 12 25
M10×70 14 2
M10×100 14 25
M12×80 16 2 2400
12×110 16 25
M16×110 20 15 3600
M20×130 25 25 4800

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