Hollow Wall Anchor

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Hollow Wall Anchor

Hollow Wall Anchor

Product Description:
Application: Fixings for consoles, stirrups, lamps, switches, race-ways in.
Hollow materials:
Accessories like hooks and eye hooks available for any kind of need to fix in hollow.
Suitable for plasterboard pansel, wood and light walls.
Anchor and accessories in white zinc plated steel, Expansion due to the return.
of the cone into the sleeve, using the appropriate tool. Inside the material it makes.
"an umbrella" opposing to the load, Shear harpoons on the head of the plug to ensure a perfect.
Anti-rotation anchoring.
Zinc plated steel, ss304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel.


Installation Guideline:

Product Specifications:

Product sort cz HOLLOw WALLANCHOR209F:Hollow wall anchor F-TYPE
ltem No. Body Length
Inch Size Drill Φ Grip Range
Screw Length
M4×21 1/8"-XS 8 UP-4 28
M4×32 1/8"-S 8 3-9 40
M4×38 1/8"-M 8 8-15 46
M4×46 1/8"-SL 8 3-20 53
M4×46 1/8"-L 8 16-21 53
M4×54 1/8"-ML 8 18-28 59
M4×59 1/8"-XL 8 34-38 66
M5×37 3/16"-E 9 6-13 44
M5×52 3/16"-S 9 3-16 57
M5×65 3/16"-L 9 14-32 70
M5×80 3/16"-XL 9 28-45 83
M6×37 1/4"-E 10 6-16 44
M6×52 1/4"-S 10 3-16 57
M6×65 1/4"-L 10 14-32 70
M6×80 1/4"-XL 10 28-45 83
M8×37 12 6-13 44
M8×52 12 3-16 57
M8×65 12 14-32 70
M8×80 12 28-45 83
209D:Hollow wall anchor D-TYPE
Item No. Body Length
size (mm)
lnch Size Drill Φ Grip Range|
Screw Length
M4×22 1/8"-XSD 8 UP-5 35
M4×34 1/8"-SD 8 3-9 47
M4×46 1/8"-SLD 8 3-20 60
M4×46 1/8"-LD 8 16-21 60

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