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Indu Plug

Indu Plug

Product Description:
Indu-Prog Frame sleeve is a universal frame fixing, which is excellent to work with irrespective of the material the fixing is to be made in.
The frame sleeve may either be prefitted on delivery of windows and/or doors or installed directly on site.
The wall material, which can be wood, concrete, steel, lightweight concrete, haydite, etc determines the choice of fixing.
Indu-Prog frame sleeve is made of zinc and is available in two lenghts, 28 and 38 mm.

Installation Guideline:

Dimension 28 mm is used for light doors and small windows with joints up to 13 mm and in aluminium or steel sections.
Dimension 38 mm is used for massive doors, exterior doors and larger windows or joints up to 23 mm.

Product Specifications:

Dk xL
Max.joint width
for wooden joist,
Key width mm Kgs/1000pcs
14×28 20 13 10 17.5
14×38 20 23 10 22.2

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